[Coco] 256K J&R Banker documentation update

Bruce W. Calkins brucecalkins at bellsouth.net
Fri Dec 30 06:38:51 EST 2005

Well, I loaded Adobe 4 on my main Win-Tel box (P3-733MHz) yesterday and 
scanned in the Users Manual.  Unfortunately, several pages were printed 
with a glossy black ink that did not show on the scan.

Like most projects, something usually arises to make it a challenge. 
I'll try another scanner, and/or OCR when I have a free moment later. 
(There was a lamp warm up issue too, but that was a easy fix.)

As to new drivers, We shouldn't bother to reinvent the wheel, just true 
it up and balance it a bit.  Making a dot-DSK image should not be much 
of a challenge, once I get a CoCo fired up to transfer to 3.5", or the 
486 Win-Tel box running to read in the original.

Bruce W.

>>At the very least, make the documentation available.
>>New drivers could be written if needed.

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