[Coco] Cheap LCD for CoCo???

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Mon Dec 26 20:07:56 EST 2005

Halted Electronics (http://www.halted.com/) has Fujitsu Styleu 1000 (486/DX4 100 -- see http://gradzone.com/fuji/st1000specs.htm for details) pen based computers with a 8" diagonal 640x480 monochrome screen for $29.95!!! They don't have a hard drive or power supply, and I doubt the battery is any good, but the price is incredible for a hacker! They have one PCMCIA-ATA type III slot for a hard drive, and another that will take two type II or another type III card. The Type III HD is the only HD it has, no internal. Other than that it has a standard 9 pin serial and a standard parallel port, PS2 keyboard port (just one -- use splitter for a mouse), an external monitor (standard VGA connector (will support 600x800 graphics on external monitor) and an external floppy connector. The floppy connector only seems to work with Fujistus drives though, something probably hard to find. But a PCMCIA USB port card would solve that! They were made to run Win95, and will run DOS. Only has 8MB RAM, upgradeable to 32 MB. I don't know what kind of RAM chips/modules are used. 

This just looks like something a CoCo hacker would like for parts if nothing else. Run FreeDOS on it and make it an OS-9 terminal! Replace the CoCo keyboard with this thing if you have a ROM in the CoCo that will auto boot OS-9 and you'll have a supper compact system!! 
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