[Coco] [Color Computer] Creating a DSK file on a real coco..

Bob Devries bdevries at gil.com.au
Fri Dec 23 05:38:27 EST 2005

That programme could be enhanced by making use of the EOF() function to 
check for the end of file, thereby making it possible to use any size source 
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>I don't know of a utility offhand... but this shouldn't be too hard to
> reverse...
> PROCEDURE dskwrite
> DIM inpath,outpath:BYTE
> DIM block(256):BYTE
> DIM vfile:STRING[30]
> DIM drive:STRING[30]
> INPUT "emulator file:",vfile
> INPUT "disk to write to (os-9 format ss 35 track):",drive
> OPEN #inpath,vfile:READ
> OPEN #outpath,drive:WRITE
> FOR count=1 TO 630
> GET #inpath,block
> PUT #outpath,block
> NEXT count
> CLOSE #inpath,#outpath
> Note that this is set up for a single-sided 35 track disk image.  JV
> DSK files are raw sector dumps.  DMK images have more data, but the
> CoCo only needs those for a handful of games with really nasty copy
> protection...
> Also note I didn't write this, it was posted on the list at some
> point.  I have hacked on it some, but my versions are on a crashed
> hard drive. :-(
> The trick is to open the disk as /dX@ -- which signifies you want
> absolute addressing on the disk.  You have to be (supposedly anyway)
> user 0 for that to work, but who actually uses OS-9LII multiuser?
> Maybe we could convince the author of os9dsk (sorry I forgot your name
> again) to add a -put option?
> Willard
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