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If one were to use the AD725 chip the RGB input is AC coupled and 
needs to be no more than 714 mV max at 75 Ohm load. The fact 
that the Coco 3 levels are 1.2 V peak really presents only a minor 
problem. If other systems like the Atari or Comodore have different 
levels of output, that may complicate things a bit in order to have 
one board fit all. 


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> Why a "daughter board" at all? Wouldn't a lump or small box on a cable
> be a better idea? Powering it might be a problem, but power could be
> robbed from the casette port. Put a connector on the box instead of a
> pigtail and it could be used for any computer with an RGB and
> Composite port. Atari ST and Amiga. From what I'm hearing, it
> shouldn't matter if the RGB signal is analog or digital to generate
> the signals. With the right video card it could even be used on a PC.
> I'm just thinking if you make it a universal piece with no cables and
> easy to find connectors on each end it would be much easier to market,
> and at worst cost no more. Of course a small board could be put in any
> of the other computers as well, but how many people can/will crack the
> case and solder wires to their board? 
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> John
> I will almost bet that the MC1377 is no longer available. Motorola
> killed off a lot of the conseumer electronics IC even before they spun
> off SPS as Freescale. 
> I agree usign the AD723/4 chip on a daughter board would be far 
> more feasible.
> james.
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