[Coco] Bad news, good news...

John Kowalski sock at axess.com
Thu Dec 15 21:00:16 EST 2005


Cool.  So two of us have tried S-video using two different techniques and
both of them look awesome.

It does look like S-video would make a very nice option to replace all those
aging CM-8 monitors... in fact, S-video on a decent monitor looks better
than RGB video on those old CM-8s.

On a whim, I decided to try plugging it into one of those LCD VGA monitors
that also has an S-video input...  Well, it's definately legible in 80
columns (except there is no way to center the image on my particular monitor
and the first character on the left edge of the screen gets cut off!), but
the LCD's scaling circuit seems to soften/blur the display a bit.  Not
exactly ideal.

At 04:52 PM 15/12/2005 -0800, Stephen H. Fischer wrote:
>The CoCo 3 S-Video pictures I took are still on ftp--maltedmedia.com.
>Is the 80 Column "White on Blue" Program Listing Sample.
>My Digital camera showed the white letters too bright compared to what my
>human eye observed.
>Except for the TV screen being much larger than a monitor so you have to
>step back, the 80 column display is just fine.
>I would rate the CoCo 3 S-Video on my TV "better" for gaming than
>program development due to its larger size.
>I think that the analog AD72x chip does a better job than John's home brewed
>Stephen H. Fischer
>John Kowalski wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> If anyone wants to look at a comparison between the regular composite
>> video, S-video and RGB; I took some photos and put them online:
>> http://www.axess.com/twilight/sock/graphics/svideo.jpg
>> There are four samples of the same 80 column display running on the same
>> monitor, but using different video sources:
>> top/left - U.S. CoCo3 composite video
>> top/right - European CoCo3 composite video
>> bottom/left - S-Video (generated from the RGB video)
>> bottom/right - CoCo3 RGB video
>> The S-Video looks very nice.  Not quite as perfect as RGB, but much,
>> *MUCH* better than the U.S. CoCo3's regular composite video.
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>> http://www.axess.com/twilight/sock/

                                         John Kowalski (Sock Master)

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