[Coco] CoCoNutz! newsletter Xmas issue ready!

Roger Taylor roger at newfoal.com
Wed Dec 14 22:43:25 EST 2005

Hello gang,

The Christmas issue of the CoCoNutz! newsletter looks like a mini magazine 
in print form.  It's in color, and Nice!  All of the newsletters are 
currently available as color booklets.... please read on....

Thanks to all who contributed to this issue with over 45 pages of 
interesting content including Lots of color photos, with a Show Off Your 
CoCo section displaying a lot of our CoCo systems at home. There's plenty 
of articles and BASIC/assembly listings to keep you busy, too.  This is by 
far the best issue yet.

In case you were wondering, the CoCoNutz! newsletter issues 1-4 (which 
includes this new Xmas issue) is only available in color booklet form from 
CoCo3.com and part of the CoCo Xmas Pack deal for $20.  See www.coco3.com 
for details and how to order this package so it can arrive before Christmas.

With the CoCo Collection CD, Portal-9, 4 color newsletter booklets and 2 
programming manuals (CCASM, 6809/6309 Reference), you're gonna be busy for 
a while!

Roger Taylor

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