[Coco] Bad news, good news...

John Kowalski sock at axess.com
Tue Dec 13 20:03:12 EST 2005

At 12:04 PM 13/12/2005 -0500, CoCoList for Color Computer Enthusiasts wrote:
>>I wouldn't say "zero."  I am very interested in seeing how well the
>>CoCo 3 projects video to an S-Video supplied television.  You claim
>>it is comparable to an RGB monitor.  If that's the case, an RGB->S- Video 
>>convertor would be just as desirable as an RGB->VGA convertor.
>I agree; if the quality was good enough for WIDTH80, it'd be good enough 
>for me; and an S-Video converter could possibly bring a higher number of 
>quality "monitors" (like my 27" Sony Wega) to the table than a VGA upconverter.

If anyone is interested, I can get my CoCo to display all three - composite,
S-video and RGB video on the same monitor.
I could take some photos to show the difference in quality between all three
video types and post them up somewhere for all to see.

                                         John Kowalski (Sock Master)

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