[Coco] Bad news, good news...

Roger Merchberger zmerch at 30below.com
Mon Dec 12 01:30:38 EST 2005

Rumor has it that Stephen H. Fischer may have mentioned these words:
>I am getting confused as to what the problem is

I'm too stupid, sober & poor. It sucks to be me. ;-)

>  or what is trying to be done.

Experimentation at it's finest! What could be wrong with that! ;-)

>The chip that I used to convert the CoCo 3's RGB output to S-Video for my 
>NTSC TV has additional outputs in addition to the luma signal which is 
>part of the S-Video signal set  (Chroma & Luma). It may help, It does a 
>great job for me putting the CoCo 3 display on my S-Video TV.

Them thar webbie page thingys you sent over didn't too much care for my 
Firefox browser... It would start loading, then the page would just go 
blank. Odd.

I also noticed that the minimum "standard" order is 100, I don't need 100 
o'them thar critters. I tried to see what just 1 would cost, but they 
wouldn't tell me unless I logged in even tho they said I didn't have to log 
in to use the site. Odd.

Dunno if the site doesn't work well for me because I'm too stupid, sober or 
poor, but it didn't seem to like me one bit. :-/

Are you planning on making this thingamajig a saleable product? If so, 
what'll it cost?

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