[Coco] Bad news, good news...

George Ramsower Yahoo at DVDPlayersOnly.com
Sun Dec 11 15:40:02 EST 2005

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Subject: [Coco] Bad news, good news...

> After almost 4 years, I've finally sparked up one of my CoCos again!
> Our local "Mega Mart" (if you can call it that) had 15" LCD TVs on sale 
> for $188. The wifey wanted to pick up one of these critters as a "Bedroom 
> TV." Roger was thinking "CoCo TV!" ;-)


 Does the manual that came with the TV tell you how many pixels the LCD has?
 I'm wondering if it's even worth the effort, as TELEVISION LCDs usually 
won't have a high enough resolution(pixels) to work with a computer. Not 
enough pixels.
 Of course, I'll betcha it works okay at 32 col.

  I've had good success in the past with B&W CRT televisions after removing 
the low-pass filter in the video ckt and going straight into that section 
with the video.(coco2).
  I could see clearly each pixel from the coco.


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