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Engineering is a cluster *&^&. During the  hieght of the Hi Tech collapse with about 
2 million unemployeed engineers, Congress expands H1B program. This allowed 
corparations to hire foreign engineers instead of rehire of older more competent 
laidoff engineers.  

Today you almost can't get into IC design without a Masters and preferably a PHD. 
Why the major change? 30 yrs ago most companies were not so top heavy in 
management with masters and PHD degrees. Today look at most of the CEOs of 
companies. They are at minimum have a MBA with another BS/BA degree. When 
Chris Galvin took over Motorola, the grandson of the founder,  he was the first 
Motorola CEO that had an MBA. He promptly ran the company into the ground. T 
hey finally had to fire him as CEO. He still sits on the Board of Directors. 

It is becoming a mandatory requirement to have some piece of paper that signifies 
a formal education. Does not mean it is worth the paper printed on. I have worked 
with engineers that had masters degrees and I personally don't think they know how 
to use that paper to clean their backsides. 


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> At 12:23 PM 12/8/05 -0500, Ward Griffiths wrote:
> >Especially in Europe, much more so than in the US.  You ain't nothin'
> >over there unless you can put something fancier than "Mister" in
> >front of your name.
> Actually, it's the US that's worse in that regard, at least in the
> creative arts. I have much higher respect in Europe becuase their
> culture understands art has a different set of requirements from
> commerce. The US has commodified everything, but Europe hasn't quite
> yet collapsed under the Capitaliban. :)
> Dennis
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