[Coco] Re: Thoughts about going back to school full time.

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Thu Dec 8 11:12:17 EST 2005

On Thursday 08 December 2005 10:29, Robert Emery wrote:
>--- "Richard E. Crislip" <rcrislip at neo.rr.com> wrote:
>> Hello Jim
>> I know I'm jumping in here, but I have elected to return to school to get
>> my bachelor degree at 58yrs because when I graduate, I want to be able to
>> teach in the two year colleges that are springing up every where. I was
>> doing that until the accreditation team came through. They pointed out
>> that in Ohio, the teacher had to have  bachelors degree to teach the
>> MS-Office suite because they are deemed as being business courses. My 37
>> years experience and associate degree in programming didn't mean a thing
>> 8-/.
>As much as I don't like soapboxing on OT issues, this is something that
> really chaps my a$$! The fact that years of experience and demonstrated
> ability and the human who posesses them are meaningless compared to some
> stupid little pieces of paper is a travesty. I know the value of a college
> education, even without one. There are many many people with college
> degrees that I wouldn't trust to tie my shoes! As long as this nation is
> more concerned with policy than humanity, none of us can know freedom or
> justice. Sorry for going off like this, so I'll keep it short and
> well-tempered. Good luck Jim, I hope you can find as much happines as I
> have at my current job!
I have to concur with Bob here.  Back in my 'salad' days, I had a heck of a 
time convincing people that I could actually do the job for them even if my 
formal education was 8th grade.  Way back up the log in about '61, the head 
honcho a Northwestern Bell in Rapid City wanted to hire me in the worst way, 
but Bells unbreakable policy was that an employee had to have a high school 
education, and of course there was no such thing as a GED in those days.  
Heck, by then I had already helped build the cameras that were on the Trieste 
when it went down in the mohole in the early 60's, and had a hand in testing 
some of the hardware that put John Glenn up the first time.  Then I got into 
tv broadcasting in 64, and the rest is history.  I've managed to survive with 
_most_ of my sanity & am still working a bit here and there at 71.


Well said.

Cheers, Gene
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