[Coco] Glenside Club meetings continued

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I am a bit leary of this. Free phone serve over the internet?  

There  has to be a catch. I was always taught if it sounds to good to 
be true then it is not true. This seems to fit that mold. I can't see 
where this service/software will be free for long. Maybe a year or so. 
Then comes the charges. How much then?


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> Hi, fellow CoCoers,
> I have some new information about how to have people from around the
> country join in on our club meetings.
> The way it can be done, I believe, is to use a program called Gizmo,
> down-loadable free from Gizmoproject.com. Anyone who joins can phone
> free to each other and we can have conference call. My understanding
> is that other calls are around two cents a minute over the Internet.
> At a recent meeting I called Tony on his cell phone. He was sitting
> aross the table from me. I could hear him on my speakers but I
> couldn't talk to him through my computer because my mike wasn't
> working. Now I have a compute were the mike and the speakers work and
> at future meetings, starting in December, I plan to set up my computer
> for calls. At the moment I am unsure how calls to Gizmo members work.
> To find out more about Gizmo go to the site mentioned above and by
> reading a short article in the December issue of Wired magazine on
> page 046. We are using Window machines. 
> Anyone willing to check this out?
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