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how about supprt for the 68HC11/HC12. Both are very popular 
among robotics and stuff like that. Besides it would be nice to 
reduce down to one IDE instead of 2. 


On 3 Dec 2005 at 12:55, Roger Taylor wrote:

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> Hey gang,
> What would you say if I told you I was adding support to the Portal-9
> IDE for the following other CPUs?  Would this interest any of us?
> 8048
> 8051
> 6502
> 8085
> Z80
> 6805
> TMS32010
> TMS32025
> 6800/6801
> TMS7000
> 8096
> Let's not forget the already 6809 and 6309 CPUs via CCASM and CASM. 
> I'm adding a cross assembler which handles all of the above CPUs and
> allows adding more via tables.
> Btw, if you have M.E.S.S. installed on your PC somewhere you can point
> Portal-9 to a few M.E.S.S. files and you're doing instant source code
> to running code in seconds on whatever target machine you choose,
> including all of the different models of the CoCo and CoCo clones! 
> I'm sure most of you know how easy this works by now, but for those
> who don't... Portal-9 will let you go from editing 6809/CoCo assembly
> language source code into a fully-emulated CoCo that is running your
> software in a matter of seconds, all seamlessly (from the blinking
> cursor in the IDE .. to the blinking cursor in the emulated CoCo).  So
> after hitting the Go button, a CoCo pops up on the screen with your
> software mounted inside of the CoCo as a floppy disk or ROM Pak.
> With the addition of the above extra assemblers, Portal-9 will also
> let you emulate whatever target systems those CPUs are found on in
> real life, just like you can do now to emulate the CoCo and see your
> software run.
> My IDE also includes some nice sample projects like Projector-3, a
> massive assembly project that builds into a runnable floppy disk image
> in seconds.
> www.coco3.com
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> Roger Taylor
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