Subject: [Coco] 512K Basic by Microcom

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at
Sun Dec 4 02:18:17 EST 2005


If this is a line number Basic using a very simular command set, I would be 
interested in any details.

Perhaps someone can point us to Rainbow ads or a review for more on the 
command set.

Stephen H. Fischer

Brian Palmer wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> This is a simple overview of what 512k basic does.
> 512k basic gives you access to the other 490k in basic, which normally,
> you only have access to 22k,plus you can have multiple 24k files in
> different parts of memory, and chain them together to make one big file.
> And it does work with 128k coco3, just minus some features.
> Viva La coco 

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