[Coco] Portal-9 news

Roger Taylor roger at newfoal.com
Sat Dec 3 13:55:14 EST 2005

Hey gang,

What would you say if I told you I was adding support to the Portal-9 IDE 
for the following other CPUs?  Would this interest any of us?


Let's not forget the already 6809 and 6309 CPUs via CCASM and CASM.  I'm 
adding a cross assembler which handles all of the above CPUs and allows 
adding more via tables.

Btw, if you have M.E.S.S. installed on your PC somewhere you can point 
Portal-9 to a few M.E.S.S. files and you're doing instant source code to 
running code in seconds on whatever target machine you choose, including 
all of the different models of the CoCo and CoCo clones!  I'm sure most of 
you know how easy this works by now, but for those who don't... Portal-9 
will let you go from editing 6809/CoCo assembly language source code into a 
fully-emulated CoCo that is running your software in a matter of seconds, 
all seamlessly (from the blinking cursor in the IDE .. to the blinking 
cursor in the emulated CoCo).  So after hitting the Go button, a CoCo pops 
up on the screen with your software mounted inside of the CoCo as a floppy 
disk or ROM Pak.

With the addition of the above extra assemblers, Portal-9 will also let you 
emulate whatever target systems those CPUs are found on in real life, just 
like you can do now to emulate the CoCo and see your software run.

My IDE also includes some nice sample projects like Projector-3, a massive 
assembly project that builds into a runnable floppy disk image in seconds.


Roger Taylor

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