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> All you coco people  who are also amiga people take note:

So how does this  device compare to what you have designed?

--  John.

Well, if I'm not mistaken, I think the pixel clock is available at
the output socket on the Amiga.   IT's likely they used it  in
this device although I don't know that for sure.   I don't  see
why they wouldn't use it since it eliminates the need to 
phase lock to the Hsync like my converter does.
     I could be wrong tho.   If somebody here  purchases it
then give us the story.    I got that email yesterday in  response
to an inquiry I made a couple of years ago.
    Also,   There is no reason my converter  couldn't be used on
the Amiga if one had the right cable to connect it up.   I may  get
an Amiga 500 off Ebay and try it out.
     Right now I am testing the converter out with a  few "beta" testers
who are helping me iron out any potential problems with it and am
making progress toward finishing up.   I will begin offering  the unit
to people who signed up for one at the last fest.   After that,  it will
be first come first serve.   Very soon now.   And  the price has been
set at $48 for now.    Could go up or down a few dollars as  determined
by parts supply sources.
    Look for my article in the next Coco Nutznewsletter from  Mary.

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