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Yes, the TS 1000 came with 2K.  The Sinclair ZX81 only had 1k, as near as I

The ZX80 (from Sinclair) had 1K.  124 bytes of that was reserved for the
character set, so you only had 900 bytes for programs and screen memory
combined.  When your program got big, the screen started to shrink because
memory was used to hold the program.  The goal was to have the screen go
completely blank when you hit RUN and pressed enter - that meant you had
used 100% of the memory.

What was really cool is that the machine had one single 8k (bit) x 1 chip,
but addressed it to get 1K of RAM.

Purists will notice the 124 characters for the character set, and point out
that ASCII calls for 127.  This machine did not support ASCII, which was one
of it's many quirks.


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Didn't the Timex Sinclair 1000 come with 2k? I can't remember.

I'm really tempted to enter this guy's contest. I think I could do it...


On Mon, 28 Jun 2004 21:47:40 -0700 "John R. Hogerhuis"
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> 2K? That's just masochistic!
> Even the first CoCo had 4K. Sheesh...
> Not that it couldn't be done... did some home computer ever come with 
> 2k? Historians?
> Or is the idea that you run your 2K web browser in one window and your 
> 2K adventure game in the other?
> -- John.
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