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KnudsenMJ at aol.com KnudsenMJ at aol.com
Wed Jun 23 23:11:48 EDT 2004

In a message dated 6/23/04 8:55:43 AM Eastern Daylight Time, farna at att.net 

> There should be some TV/monitors that work with composite inputs as well as 
> RGB. If they will sync at composite levels, I would think they would sync 
> down to CoCo levels it you connect the RGB leads.  I know some of the LCD 
> monitors have composite and RGB inputs. 

Any TV/monitor that will sync at North American (NTSC) rates will sync with a 
Coco in either composite or RGB mode.

Sooner or later, someone will report finding a little LCD monitor that syncs 
at TV rates and that he has interfaced it to a Coco.  Then all the repack and 
portable -Coco guys will have a field day hunting down that make and model!  
--Mike K.

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