[Coco] strange behaviour

James Dessart dessart at istop.com
Mon Jun 21 13:16:00 EDT 2004

On 16-Jun-04, at 3:03 PM, Roger Taylor wrote:

> Just replace that with jsr [40960] and see what happens.  There's also 
> a STDIN/STDOUT variable at address 111 that should be set to 0 for the 
> screen/keyboard.  I'm not sure about STDIN but I know that this is the 
> STDOUT variable address.

For input it doesn't matter, it's always the keyboard. At least, the 
BASIC manual seems to indicate that.

> And then, where is the code that sets ___ungetched_char with a 
> keycode?  You're checking ___ungetched_char for a keycode at the top 
> of your routine.  How and where is this variable getting set???

There's a routine called ungetch (this is for the stdio stuff for C) 
that you pass a character (supposed to be the last retrieved from the 
stream) that gets stored into that location. Right now I'm just using 
keycodes to bootstrap things.


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