[Coco] Re: Unemployment

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Sun Jun 20 19:35:42 EDT 2004

John Donaldson wrote:
>  Thought I pass along to all of you that one of the reasons I did not 
> make the fest this year is I am now a unemployed Sr. Softwre Engineer.
> If anyone knows of a position that I might fill,
> please email me direct with the details and who I should contact.

While I am ignorant if this has been successful for anyone, I have a 
standing offer of posting resumes in the Encompasserve.org EMPLOYMENT 
notes conference for anyone here that needs them posted.

See http://encompasserve.org for a description of the service.

Postings to the employment conference are visible to the wild wild web, 
and are automatically removed after about 60 days if I remember correctly.

Please send it to malmberg(at)encompasserve.org in plain text format 
that is readable on an 80 character wide display.

If you can use telnet to encompasserve.org, you can sign up for a free 
account and post your resume yourself.

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