[Coco] Re: rom basics

Torsten Dittel Torsten at Dittel.info
Thu Jun 17 03:04:30 EDT 2004

> they were written by the same author, Mark Chamberlin

Yes that's true. With Micro Color BASIC on the MC-10 you can even do the

10 FOR T=57307 TO 57298 STEP-1

which will print "CHAMBERLIN". I tried to contact several Mark
Chamberlins I found on the net some time ago, but AFAIR no one replied
or weren't related to the BASIC.

By the way, the CoCo was never that fast in some BASIC benchmarks of
that time (e.g.
http://members.cox.net/javacoco/images/benchmark.gif ) because of its
powerfull command set. Of course a poor interpreter like that of the
C=64 which knows only PRINT, PEEK, POKE and GOTO will do a simple task
like counting from 1 to 10000 faster than a CoCo... :-)


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