[Coco] Radio Shack catalog lookup

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Wed Jun 16 23:07:42 EDT 2004

At 09:03 PM 6/16/2004, you wrote:
>On Wed, 16 Jun 2004 20:51:07 -0500
>Roger Taylor <rtaylor at bayou.com> wrote:
> > Oops.  My bad.  However, some of the cgi programming examples I have
> > specify text/plain for the HTML page, but we all know that can't be
> > right.
>One of these days, I might actually learn CGI.  (But for now I'll stick
>with PHP / MYSQL)

Speaking of PHP and the mySQL database language, I just spent the past 
weekend transferring a web client over to a new host, which included moving 
the forums.  :)

You can write CGI-BIN applications with just about any language... Perl, C, 
C++, HLA, etc.  I suppose any kind of database accessing you do will be up 
to your program unless there's a way to send mySQL queries from the CGI.

I'm planning on beefing up the coco3.com web site over time with more 
interactive features.  A search-FAQ sounds real nice, where you could ask 
your own question concerning the CoCo and get answers.

Roger Taylor

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