[Coco] rom basics

Arthur Flexser flexser at fiu.edu
Wed Jun 16 13:07:29 EDT 2004

I've some experience with the Basics for the Apple II and the Commodore
64, and the CoCo's is vastly better than either of those.


On Wed, 16 Jun 2004, Kevin Diggs wrote:

> Hi,
> 	There was a thread a week or so back that discussed the
> quality of the basic in this beast. Was it really better than its
> contemporaries? I have NO experience with any other similar beast.
> But I personally consider coco basic to be ... bad. The lack of
> integer variables on a .89 MHz computer was, in my opinion, a big
> gaffe. Did any other similar machine have integer variables?
> 	Anyone know anthing about the TI 99/4a? This was a 64k
> REAL 16-bit system. There are a bunch of them on EBay.
> 					kevin
> P.S.:	Did anyone ever rewrite rom basic for this thing?
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