[Coco] strange behaviour

James Dessart dessart at istop.com
Wed Jun 16 08:15:56 EDT 2004

On 15-Jun-04, at 10:59 PM, Roger Taylor wrote:

> The only place you seem to be setting ___ungetched_char is when you 
> clear it with clra/sta, yet you're checking it for a character upon 
> entry into the code.

That part, believe it or not, is correct. It gets set elsewhere, in 
another assembly routine. The part that really seems to be giving me 
trouble is this:

	jsr	[0xA000]  ; call POLCAT
	beq	read_key

where the routine will stay in a loop even if I press a key. The BASIC 
manual says that Z will be 1 upon finding no key pressed, but 0 if it 
is pressed. But my code doesn't seem to be reacting that way.


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