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Tue Jun 15 11:15:45 EDT 2004

Auto detection of drive's parameters and setup of the descriptor with in
format! Automation or not, best of both worlds now!!!

Can wait!!!!!

>On Jun 15, 2004, at 12:01 AM, Allen Huffman wrote:
>> I'm still here, gang -- haven't had time to move to the CF card but 
>> have picked up another 128MB and a 256MB (got $30!) so I'm ready to do 
>> more when I find the time.
>> Did anyone ever chime in about the state of Glenside IDE drivers?  Or 
>> alternates?
>I don't know anything about the Glenside IDE drivers, but I can give 
>you an update on the upcoming Super Drivers from Cloud-9.
>Basically, they are done and are working.  I am waiting on Mark to 
>finish some things on his end so that he can beta test both the SCSI 
>and IDE drivers, since I want some testing done before releasing them.
>(1) Both the SCSI and IDE drivers support the SS.DSize command, which 
>returns back the sector size of the drive, as well as the number of 
>sectors that the drive has.  This is a very nice feature, since it 
>allows programs such as format to query the size of the drive and then 
>format the drive based on the returned values.  This means that there 
>really is no longer a need to set up your descriptor's IT.CYL, IT.SID 
>and IT.SCT values.
>(2) Format has been updated to look for a bit in the device descriptor 
>which tells it whether or not to attempt the SS.DSize command, and if 
>so, to do the GetStat and use those values to format the drive.  Of 
>course, if you have a descriptor set up to access a partition on a hard 
>drive, you will want to clear this bit and set the IT.CYL/IT.SID/IT.SCT 
>values accordingly.  To effectively use the drive size query  feature 
>will require NitrOS-9 V03.02.02, which will be available at the same 
>time as the Super Drivers package.
>(3) The IDE driver supports ATAPI devices such as CD-ROMs and ZIP 
>drives.  Also the driver automatically detects LBA or CHS mode, so that 
>saves a bit in the device descriptor as well.
>(4) Smart caching is still employed... your cache will grow to 
>accommodate the largest sector-sized device on the system.
>All in all, this is going to be a nice driver set.
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