[Coco] CoCo to CoCo file transfers

Chris Spry bugster at cedarcomm.com
Mon Jun 14 22:57:26 EDT 2004

There have been some external ones written for OS-9, but I never have come
across a program in RS-DOS that included Z-Modem transfers.


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> On 14-Jun-04, at 10:07 PM, Chris Spry wrote:
> >  From there, you can transfer files
> > back and fourth, using whatever protocol you both have.  Of course you
> > both
> > must be present at your systems to be able to do it.
> Speaking of which, is there a terminal program for the CoCo that can do
> zmodem transfers? Or maybe a program written specifically to just
> handle zmodem transfers. That would be ideal for me, since both
> machines are in the same room.
> James
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