[Coco] CoCo to CoCo file transfers

Chris Spry bugster at cedarcomm.com
Mon Jun 14 22:07:40 EDT 2004

Robert, you should be able to use any terminal program to accomplish this
for the CoCo.  In your terminal program you send the auto answer command to
your modem which is typically ATS0=1 for most modems.  Then whoever it is
dials into the line connected to your modem and you are connected as long as
the hardware is all setup correctly.  From there, you can transfer files
back and fourth, using whatever protocol you both have.  Of course you both
must be present at your systems to be able to do it.


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> Okay, I'm looking to help people having difficulty transferring files from
> to CoCo. Besides that, it's a really retro thing to do and therefore cool
> today's standards.
> I want to set up my CoCo to allow someone to dial it up and download files
> directly to their CoCo. Do I need to use BBS software or can we both just
> terminal software? I have Ultimaterm 4.0, two DS drives and ModemPak, but
> never done this with my CoCo. (I dialed up Compuserve a few times back in
> day, but at $6 an hour...)
> Will this be sufficient for my end, or do I need different software to
> this type of file-sharing? I know a better modem would be good, but that's
> an option at this point. Has anyone ever tried CSAVE/CLOAD over phone
> 1500 baud is a lot better than 300.
> Thanks,
> Bob Emery
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