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This response is again confusing to me:

More accurately, the COMPUTER hangs when it tries accessing the hard drive
(for example, when it tries booting NitrOS-9 from the hard drive, or when,
after booting from a floppy.....

If you are using the same disk to copy to the HDB-DOS hard drive boot disk
and the one to do a floppy boot then it will not work. The boot loader for
HDB-DOS is different, that the boot_loader for the floppy. Thus the
different methods of booting. If this is not the case for the floppy boot
then you can't be using the  make_rgbboot script. ?????

My recommendation is not to try and build a HDB-DOS boot first. Build a
floppy boot. If you can't do that then of course your HDB-DOS boot will not
work. This is under the assumption that you are keeping commonality in your
bootlists. Once the floppy boots, then make your hard drive boot. That
works, then make the HDB-DOS boot disk and link. I do this in about 5
minutes on my CoCo, all three boot disks. 75% of the time is spent
formatting the floppies....... The only difference between a hard drive
boot and an HDB-DOS boot is the boot loader module. From the script you
will see that the boot module is different from the hard drive script and
that the bootlist filename is the same.

You made changes to the script, it is broken or your modules are broken. As
Robert has suggested, idents..... These idents are on supportted modules
only. I can't verify what I don't have.

Can you boot off of the latest NitrOS-9 ver 03.02.01 disks? If you can't
then you have system issues that need to be resolved. The .dsk images up on
the NitrOS-9 site are working versions.

At the 14th Annual ChicagoFest we will be giving several seminars and one
of them is going to be NitrOS-9 and scripts. We already have it on our CVS
system, 2005 Fest seminar list. This will be a must see seminar if you are
a OS-9/NitrOS-9 user or wanna be.

The next release of NitrOS-9 is going to be great! More automation than
EVER before.



>> SCSIcmds is a utility that came with SuperSCSI. It allows you to 
>> send
>> commands/get responses from the SCSI bus.
>Since I don't have SuperSCSI, I guess I don't have SCSIcmds.
>> So the boot floppy that came with your system hangs the hard drive 
>> after
>> you boot from the floppy? Or the disk you created hangs the hard
>> drive/system after you boot from floppy?
>More accurately, the COMPUTER hangs when it tries accessing the hard
>drive (for example, when it tries booting NitrOS-9 from the hard drive,
>or when, after booting from a floppy, I type 'DIR /h0' or 'DCHECK /h0').
>The boot floppy I've mentioned didn't come with the system. I created it
>myself using the 'make_rgbboot' script that I found on the hard drive. 
>> Are you mixing distributions? If so, not a good idea. 
>No, I'm not mixing distributions. Everything I have is NitrOS-9 ver. 2.0.
>I was planning on installing ver. 3.xx when the hard drive (or at least
>the NitrOS partition of it) ceased to work.
>> Need to take the
>> disks place them in the /dd/nitros9/ver03xxyy directory. Run the 
>> scripts
>> with your proper bootlist modules. Then copy the files from the
>> distrubution disk's CMDS directory to the /dd/cmds directory.
>It sounds like you're describing copying the files to my hard drive,
>which doesn't work.
>Any other ideas? Thanks for your help so far.
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