[Coco] New CoCo Ideas

Ward Griffiths wdg3rd at comcast.net
Wed Jun 9 00:05:12 EDT 2004

On Tuesday 08 June 2004 07:04 pm, Allen Huffman wrote:
> 1.  Power On.
> 2.  Type:
> 22031":PRINT#-2,"DES MOINES IA 50325":NEXT
> 3.  Type:
> Mailing labels being printed before a Windows system even boots.
> THAT's what I miss, too.

Those are return address labels, not mailing labels.  Mailing labels 
change from one iteration of the loop to the next.  Did my first mass 
mailing (using Scripsit 1.2 and Profile II on the TRS-80 Model 2) to 
the teachers and administrators of the Clark County (Nevada) school 
district about three months after the Coco (and Mod 3 and PC-1) were 
announced.  (I'd just been hired as the Instructor at the RSCC there in 
Vegas).  I was already hooked on the Coco (I've got machines with 4K to 
2Mb), but the Mod 2 and its 68k successors are my true loves -- if I 
hadn't gotten hooked on Xenix, I wouldn't have built the first Coco 
multiuser setup in Los Angeles County using OS-9 Level One about a 
month after it shipped to the store -- hey, the manual had those funny 
commands such as "login" listed, and crafting a null-modem for the 
bitbanger only took a minute to turn a 16k Coco with Vidtex into a 
terminal to a 64k machine.
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