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Charlie chazbeenhad at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 6 17:01:13 EDT 2004

"James Ross" <jr at webross.com> wrote in message
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> Charlie wrote:
> > I mean, go on over to an Atari community... Maybe not Atari
> >computers, I don't know I never liked Atari computers, but the old
> >game systems. Now those are active and working online groups.
> Just my guess, but I am willing to bet that the ratio is likely to be
> related to the number units sold.  In both cases, today, it is just a
> hobby.  Just happens that there were, certainly, a lot more Atari's
> sold than CoCo's.
> JR

True, but growing up with the COCO, going to COCO fests in Princeton,
drooling over ads for COCO games in Rainbow......
Now, nothing but new hardware really. I always say ..... why? Just to run
the same old stuff? Hmmm.....

I mean even the MC-10 has new games. I know, I wrote them ;-)

I'm starting to think the main difference between scenes like Atari and COCO
are the age of the fans.
Yeah, of course ATARI would have many more people, but I think they are
mostly my age, early 30s.
Plus, COCO being a computer, the young people who were fans "back in the
day" have moved on to write software for new hardware.
While Atari fans write code for old ATARI platforms, because it serves a
single purpose they love. It's ONLY a game machine.
And, all told, to many that classic simple graphics with focus on game play
just can't be matched by many of todays games.

Still, I'd be the 1st in line to support new COCO games. :-) I just ordered
Nick's Pac-Man a couple months ago. It's excellent.


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