[Coco] Chet Simpson's web site?

Robert Gault robert.gault at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jun 5 08:21:23 EDT 2004

Robert Emery wrote:

The last e-mail message I can find (Google) by a Chet Simpson was from 
Dec 2003 from secure at ytunnelpro.com. May not be the same person but he 
is heavily into computers.

Further searching leads to a Chet Simpson at 
http://www.digitalasphyxia.com/ who seems to be our Chet per the 
following e-mail.

In article <39CFEBC4 at mailandnews.com>,
  J Arcane <j_arcane at MailAndNews.com> writes:
 >> Can any one tell me how to find Chet Simpson?  I am interested in
 >> information
 >> about Personal OS-9 for the x86, but the mail server I had his 
 >address on
 >> went
 >> down so I don't know how to get a hold of him.

 >Last I heard he was still interested in doing it, but Real Life was
 >interfering in hobbies and the personal version was mostly
 >hobby. This


 >is the web page I have marked for him. You'll need to have Java turned

 >Greg Weeks

I believe Greg worked at Microware.

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