[Coco] tokenize2

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Fri Jun 4 23:40:56 EDT 2004

At 10:06 PM 6/4/2004, you wrote:
>Well over a year ago we talked about how the way str.tokenize/2 routines 
>treat quote characters.  I was having problems using these functions to 
>separate a string of text into tokens using the SPACE and TAB characters 
>only.  You mentioned the possibility of adding a tokenize3 routine that 
>didn't consider the " " characters.  Do you have time to add this to the 
>stdlib for a future version?
>Roger Taylor

OBVIOUSLY, I sent this to the wrong mailing list.  This was meant to go to 
the Art Of Assembly list where Randall Hyde lurks.  It's the list where 
users of the HLA language hang out.  Sorry, guys.

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