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Fri Jun 4 10:28:13 EDT 2004

Let me try again too... :) DRIVE 4 is Cloud-9's installation location of
the SOURCE disk for HDB-DOS. Autoexec.bas is in ASCII form on the source
disk, ie : slow load. I load off of DRIVE 4 the first time and then SAVE to
DRIVE0 which is the hard drive. So then the USER can modify AUTOEXEC.BAS to
do whatever THEY want it to do thus leaving the SOURCE backup intact. If
they want to they could add an option to the MENU to go to DRIVE 4 or
delete it AUTOEXEC.BAS all together.

HDB-DOS by default looks for AUTOEXEC.BAS in drive 0, hard drive found it
will use the one on the hard drive, if not then it reverts to the floppy.

Are we saying the same thing?


>Mark Marlette wrote:
>> At 08:01 AM 6/4/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>> Robert,
>> DRIVE 0 is used in case a hard drive isn't found and reverts back to the

>> floppy. All are drive 0. Not much room in EPROM to add these options in,

>> 8 bytes? Right Boisy?
>> The Autoexec.bas program we provide is a template. The end user can 
>> modify as desired. One program to fit all, not likely. ?????
>> Said this before... We need more people to step up to the plate and 
>> start writing programs. Platforms and devices are present.
>> The "Other Bob's" GUI might be what you are looking for. Sorry Bob, your

>> app name slips me right now.......
>> Regards,
>> Mark
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>Let me try again. If you are leaving the user with the first 4 drives as 
>floppies and the default drive as floppy drive #0, why not at least 
>check for the presence of a hard drive? If found, leave the user on hard 
>drivelette 4 since that is where the HDB-DOS utilities are placed.
>None of this needs to be done in ROM except for testing for the presence 
>of the hard drive (which I'm sure is there). If a hard drive is present, 
>other choices can be put into an AUTOEXEC.BAS on hard drivelette 0. For 
>example, the autoexec can be:
>If the user creates or fills in the AUTOEXEC on drive 4, great. If not, 
>it can quit doing nothing. At least the user will be where all of the 
>HDB-DOS utilities are located if a hard drive is present.
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