[Coco] Interesting ebay auction coming

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Sun Jun 27 00:08:21 EDT 2004

I know this isn't on topic here, but I was asked by my brother-in-law's 
uncle, Gene Shaw, the owner of the microphone used by Elvis during his 
Louisiana Hayride days in Shreveport, LA when he was just 19 and starting 
out, to run this item for him.  Any old fellas here will probably know that 
the LA Hayride was broadcasted to at least 29 states and featured other 
singers like Hank Williams SR, and more.  This is where most people heard 
Elvis for the first time.

The certificate of authentication was written and signed by the former 
operations manager and morning man of  the radio station where the LA 
Hayride was broadcasted from, KWKH AM.  He states that this was Elvis' 
personal prop during his days at the Hayride and later other stars used the 
mic.  The microphone was awarded to the owner, but I didn't ask yet about 
the details.  The insane starting bid of $500,000 was requested (by Gene 
Shaw) and I was supplied with a little bit of material to run the 
auction.  There won't be any sugar-coating, just 6 or 7 photos, a 
watermarked photo of the certificate, and that's about it.  I plan to run 
this for him at most, a few times, and my asking fee is 5% of the 
sale.  But we all know that I can never get that lucky, so enjoy looking at 
the auction if nothing else.  It should be very interesting what kind of 
feedback I receive during the 10 days of this auction.  Lord help me.  :)

Roger Taylor

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