[Coco] Conversion of CGA to analog RGB for CoCo III

Marty Goodman martygoodman at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jun 25 17:37:37 EDT 2004

Dear Roy Justus,

Congratulations on your successful conversion of two CGA monitors to CoCo
III - compatible analog RGB!   I did two or three such conversions back in
the mid 1980's, myself.  All worked well, and at least one I accomplished
without a factory schematic diagram, doing just as you did, just tracing the
video circuitry.  Your report brings back to me happy memories!

The only "problem" with this approach (apart from a mild amount of
tediousness) is that CGA monitors, themselves, are getting as rare as hen's
teeth now, nearly 4 years into the 21st century!



(marty goodman, formerly of CoCo Consultations)

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