[Coco] web site goodies

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Wed Jun 16 00:19:11 EDT 2004

Hello all,

I am getting into some cgi-bin programming and the first thing I have come 
up with will appear on coco3.com soon.  It's a simple Radio Shack catalog 
lookup.  You can enter the catalog # into the text field and click 'Find 
It'.  If it's listed, you'll see the description of the part.

I want to toy with putting CCASM to work on the site by providing an edit 
box and 3 buttons...  upload source, assemble, and download binary.  The 
stdout from the assembler will be seen.  Simple checkboxes can control the 
feedback from the assembler like extra help messages for beginners, 
generate a listing/symbol table, etc.  Sound neat?

Roger Taylor

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