[Coco] 6847T1 datasheet

Bruce Calkins bcalkins at disaster-relief.net
Mon Jun 7 21:25:27 EDT 2004

The T1 version also had eliminated a gate or something of that sort.  It
does have a slightly different pin-out.  Unfortunately my Rainbows are
packed, so I can't look it up at the moment.

Bruce W.

P.S. I do not find anything in my service manual supplement for the
26-3003A/3A/4A on the T1 version.  There may be a supplement for the "B"
version of the CoCo 2.  Unfortunately, I've never seen one and therefore
don't have one.

> All

> The T1 ending is just that. It was ordered with a different character
> rom mask by either Tandy or another vendor and that marking
> differentiates what Motorola offers for the standard MC6847 part.

> james

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