[Coco] Do you want to read some MOTD's, CMJ's and F68?

Stephen H. Fischer SFischer1 at MindSpring.com
Mon Jun 7 18:39:47 EDT 2004


I have boxed up for mailing the CD's containing the scans of the MOTD's,
Color Micro Journal and Forum 68 magazines that I have.

One box will be sent to Dean Leiber for his CD's.

The second copy will be sent to some kind person for uploading to Dennis'
server. If you have a fast Internet connection and would not be bothered
with a 133 MB (140,021,820 bytes) upload please contact me.

My and Dean's 56K connection would just take too much time and exhaust my
Internet time for a couple of months.

I have worked for over two months and tried many things, asked Pant Shop Pro
guru's for help in an attempt to reduce the file sizes down to what would be
acceptable for this group.

I have failed.

CMJ V1 N1.pdf                  15856225
CMJ V1 N2.pdf                  11093375
CMJ V1 N3.pdf                  16833007
CMJ V1 N4.pdf                  20662016
F68Aug83.pdf                   12006061
MOTD V2 N1.pdf                  6266041
MOTD V2 N2.pdf                  5197986
MOTD V2 N3.pdf                  4826131
MOTD V2 N4 Poster.pdf            294261
MOTD V2 N4.pdf                  4285782
MOTD V2 N5.pdf                  4750628
MOTD V2 N6.pdf                  5342860
MOTD V2 N7 10-11.pdf             780815
MOTD V2 N7.pdf                  5341315
MOTD_Jan_Feb_1988.pdf           3889925
MTOD Jan-Feb 1989.pdf           5029746
OS-9 MOTD #9 Sep 1985.pdf       4064070
OS-9 MOTD March-April 1988.pdf  6486591
OS-9 MOTD May-June 1988.pdf     7014985

I have learned about many things, PSP 8 scripting which allowed the same
filter sequences to be applied to an entire set of images with no
interaction being the most valuable. Gaussian Blurring, setting Black and
White points, histogram adjustments, level adjustments, color replacement
tolerance, threshold adjustment, Moiré Pattern Removal, Unsharping text (You
UnSharp to sharpen text), Glowing Edge filters and so much more.

The text is readable, but at times not easily.

The problem of large files sizes would best IMHO be reduced by OCRing the

That would be a very wise path to take as there are so many program listing
and would allow those with text only computers to read the magazines.

I am willing to do the OCRing if someone else will do the reassembling and
spell checking. Please contact me if you are willing for a discussion of the
OCR output format. "Hacked HTML" perhaps not being the best, but it does
allow for the graphics.


Should anyone wish to try and do a better job than this fool, just ask and
you will be sent the original scans.

When the kind person receives the CD's and uploads them to Dennis server a
group raspberry can be directed to me.

Stephen H. Fischer <sfischer1 at mindspring.com>

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