[Coco] HLA

Roger Taylor rtaylor at bayou.com
Sun Jun 6 18:23:38 EDT 2004

Some time back there were users asking me if there was a Linux version of 
HLA, the compiler/assembler I used to write Portal-9 and CCASM.  There is 
and has been, but previously the Linux version was unstable.  The author, 
Randall Hyde has finally got to where he can make the Windows and HLA 
versions both from the same source code, so the versions are now the same 
and there are no major issues to my knowledge.

If anyone is tired of C (or never learned it) and wants to try something 
new and better, HLA lets you mix high-level syntax with low-level (machine 
instructions) without using any kind of #asm directives or switching 
between modes, etc.  You can mix both types of code any way you like, and 
the source code compiles under Windows and Linux without any changes except 
maybe for an include to the Linux header file.  The stdlib is GREAT and 
works with Windows or Linux.

I'm mentioning all this in case somebody else wants to make some CoCo<-->PC 
tools... I would be willing to help out and share some source code and 

Roger Taylor

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