[Coco] Howdy again!!!

secure at ytunnelpro.com secure at ytunnelpro.com
Wed Jun 2 21:29:29 EDT 2004

Hey everyone!!!! Been away from the list the past few weeks as I've been
totally engrossed in dealing with biz stuff that's taken up wayyyyy to
much of my time. Unfortunately I missed fest which was a real
disappointment and the demo is in someone of a limbo state although
I've been working on it in what spare time I do have.....

Speaking of the demo I will be posting some screenshots of the media
editor for use with it along with some notes concerning how and what
exactly the demo/game is supposed to do along with some comments
regarding the other tools.

In other news I'm hoping to release a new beta of the assembler. I've
made some much needed updates but need to review all of the changes to
make sure I didn't hose something up.

There are some list messages I'd like to reply to and will do so when I
get a chance. I've got about 900 emails I still need to go through (not
including teh coco list) but I'll try to tap some of the more recent


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