[arg_discuss] Introductions

Jay Bushman jaybushman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 01:08:50 EST 2007


I'm Jay Bushman, story designer and head maniac at The Loose-Fish
Project. Been meaning to chime in on this list, but I've been crazed
in advance of our launch at the beginning of the month.

The Loose-Fish Project is the result of my wondering if your could
have an ARG without the G, and use those structures as a way of
conveying pure story. My background is in screenwriting, and after
getting sick of trying to sell my cracked adaptation concepts to
troglodyte development executives, I figured out that the ARG formula
is the perfect vehicle for dramatists to join prose writers, musicians
and video makers in going directly to the audience via the net and
smashing the system.

We unveiled our first story a little more that a week ago, at <www.twitter.com/goodcaptain
>. It should run through the end of the year, but who knows? That's
why we call it an experiment. (And by we, I mean my partner in
endeavors loose-fishery and otherwise, Bronwen Liggitt.)

The Loose-Fish Project: <http:www.loose-fish.com>
The Good Captain: <http://twitter.com/goodcaptain>

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